Over 20 Years Experience

At Impulse we have over 20 years of experience in Safe Asbestos Handling Procedures and we work closely with an A Class Asbestos Removal Team

  • Spray Seal the Asbestos Roof prior to removal
  • Remove any contaminated insulation
  • Turbo vacuum all Ceilings leaving them like new
  • Secondary Spray Seal all Ceiling linings and timbers to ensure no Asbestos Fibres are Airborne
  • Install your new Zinc or Colourbond Roof to the highest of standards
  • Air-Monitoring devices used and Asbestos Clearance Certificates issued on all jobs.

Perform with minimum risk

We perform Insurance works for the largest insurance companies in Australia namely NRMA, RACQ and YOUI.  So you can trust Impulse to take care of this dangerous task with minimum fuss and disruption to your family or household.

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Key indicators

  • An old and weathered Asbestos Roof with cracks and broken edges and surfaces is very likely to contaminate rain water and also pose a loose Fibre risk in high wind events.
  • Hail damaged roofs – these pose a very significant danger to health – look for small scuff or scratch marks on the roof surface.
  • Gutters are highly likely to contain Asbestos Fibres, particularly after rainfall
  • Soft Spots on your roof- where it feels spongy underfoot or looks like sagging in areas it a cause for immediate action as your Asbestos has broken down and your roof may have a catastrophic failure in a major weather event.
  • If your roof is a painted then keep an eye out for areas that look like the paint is running or weathered away
  • Often asbestos roofs grow large amounts of green mould over the years and this can eat away at the structure of the asbestos containing roof and decompose it and weaken it.

Asbestos is not the type of material that you should take ANY RISKS with.

Who can Handle Asbestos Safely?

  • Only a licensed asbestos contractor can transport and dispose of asbestos at certified waste facilities.
  • A licensed asbestos removal company will ensure that asbestos is carefully wrapped, and subsequently transported in vehicles licensed to transport regulated waste. A waste tracking system is used to report disposal of all asbestos waste to the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Impulse Asbestos Roof Replacement uses an A Class licensed asbestos removalist company which has an extremely experienced, qualified and fully insured response team available for asbestos removal emergencies. As the holder of Class A and Class B Licenses, they are able to safely remove both bonded and friable asbestos.
  • Impulse Roofing will organize the safe removal of your Asbestos Roof and Gutters and replace them with the stunning look of Australian made Colourbond or Zinc.

Licensed By

  • Impulse is fully QBCC Licensed
  • Our Asbestos removal partners have also been issued a Licence by the Queensland Government - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which enables them to legally and safely transport and dispose of hazardous waste at approved waste facilities.
  • For your peace of mind, they also hold AS/NZS 4801 : 2001 - Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems certification, which essentially means that their occupational health and safety procedures and processes are completely documented and they follow best practices to complete the job while adhering to the strict safety measures as documented by Workplace Health and Safety.

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