Does your property have gutters installed? Are the gutters in good working condition? If any of your answers is no, then you are running a great risk of damage to your property. Gutters play a very vital role in the protection of various parts of your home such as the foundation and siding. The cost of repair for such damages is very high, especially when compared to that of simply installing or maintaining your gutters. You should hire a professional company to come secure your property by installing gutters or maintaining your existing guttering system.

Impulse is the best company in Canberra that provides all types of guttering solutions. We offer a wide range of gutter types for our customers to choose from. The differences are in types of material used such as steel or aluminium gutters, as well as in design of the guttering, sizes and color. This wide range will ensure that you always get exactly what you desire. In addition to the products, we also offer installation, repairs and maintenance services. The installation can be either to a new house that does not have gutters or replacement of old gutters that can no longer serve efficiently. Maintenance and repairs involve restoration such as painting, fixing damages and leaks, and cleaning of the guttering system.

Guttering Canberra – Types Of Gutters

Gutters are mainly categorized by material used or design implemented.

Materials used

Different materials have different appearances, strengths and costs. A combination of all these factors is what helps in making the decision of which type to install. Careful analysis should always be done before making the decision. We can provide relevant information and some advice if and when needed. Some of the most common types of materials are;

  • Aluminium

They are lightweight, which makes installation work a bit easier and exerts less weight on your roofing and shingles. They also have varying joining systems

  • Copper

They are very durable and quite easy to install. They have a nice bright finish which weathers with time to a very attractive verdigris.

  • Vinyl

They are lightweight and very easy to install. The sections are usually made to clip together.

  • Steel gutters

They are very strong and durable, capable of withstanding a wide variety of harsh weather conditions.


Gutters Canberra – Design of gutters

Gutters come in two main designs. These are;

  • K-style gutters

Also known as ogee gutters, they have flat backs and bottoms. Some form of decoration is usually applied to the front side. A good number of styles are available.

  • Half-round gutters

As suggested by the name, they have a shape similar to a cylinder cut in half. They are more common in old or historic homes.


Importance Of Gutters

  • Prevent foundation damage

In the absence of gutters, water from the roof will form a pool around the foundation of your home, which will cause damage over time. Uneven settling and cracking of the foundation can occur which will lead to problems that are very costly, ranging from major structural repairs to termite infestation.

Flooding of the basement can also occur, which will cause lots of damages. This includes damage to your finished basement with the water saturating carpeting and rugs, staining the walls and ceilings and posing a safety threat. The moisture that accumulates in your house or walls can be a breeding ground for mold.

  • Prevent siding and exterior damage

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people always notice. That is why it is so important to preserve it. Rain water from the roof, if not managed properly through a guttering system, can stain or warp the siding of your home and other exterior features over time. Water staining can occur on brick and stone masonry as well as vinyl siding. It is even worse in wood siding and results decay and rot over time. All this can be avoided by having a gutter system that is functioning properly.

  • Avoid standing water

Any kind of standing water can breed mosquitoes. This can be quite a nuisance, especially during summer. Having no gutters installed can lead to pooling of water around the foundation of your house, giving the blood sucking critters a happy nesting ground. This problem can also be encountered in homes where gutters have been installed, but are not maintained. Clogged gutters don’t drain properly and can hold standing water. This shows how important it is to have and maintain your gutter system regularly.

  • Prevent soil erosion and saturation

Water travelling from the roof of your home down the side of the house without anything to contain it, will saturate soil around the home’s foundation. Wet soil is known to be a good termite breeding ground. During heavy rains, the gushing water from the roof is likely to cause soil erosion. This slowly washes away the foundation soil, causes ruts, kills flowers and generally damages the landscape. A good guttering system will prevent all this problems.

Along with gutters in canberra, we also provide solar hot water systems, solar panels, roof restoration and roller shutters for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

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