Roller Shutters Adelaide

Roller Shutters are becoming a must-have feature in modern households in Adelaide. Every property owner is realizing the benefits that come with it and wondering just how they managed to live without the roller shutters before. Moreover, better deals than ever seen before are being made by the Impulse home improvement company which are just too hard to ignore. We are offering roller shutters Adelaide that are safe and secure for protection in homes, which go even further to improve the aesthetics of the home, thanks to the designer features of the strong shutters. We have attractive discounts in Adelaide where we offer cheap high quality shutters. Impulse should be your number one solution to all those heat problems from the scorching sun frequently experienced in Adelaide, noise from outside, too much day light and many other factors.

The high quality roller shutters adelaide offered by impulse are of various types in terms of design, colour, size and material used. We have outdoor roller shutters or fire security shutters in Adelaide that have great tolerance to harsh weather, at very affordable prices. Getting the right choice for your doors or windows will not only add value to your property but also give it a sleek look that will engage the eyes of all your visitors and passers-by. We offer a very wide range of colours from which you are guaranteed to find one that will match your house. We also sell wooden or timber shutters if you are interested. Apart from our roller shutters installation services that we offer in Adelaide, we also perform repair services for old shutters or those that damaged. If they are beyond repair, we will recommend replacement.

Roller Shutters Adelaide – Some key features of Impulse roller shutters

  • Protection and Security

The shutters offer protection in so many forms. Because of how strong they are, they can keep off any intruders, denying them any access into the house. They will also protect you against the heat or cold, acting as insulators to ensure that the temperature in the house remains constant at the desired levels without spending too much on power bills. Some types of shutters can double up as noise barriers as well.

  • Suitable for both commercial and home premises

The roller shutters are designed with function in mind, ensuring that they can meet all your needs effectively. There are external shutters which will allow display while offering tight security at the same time, mostly used in business premises. Others are mainly meant for homes, ensuring that they bring out the best in everything relating to the home.

  • Durable finish

Impulse ensure that they install only products with finishing that is of very high standards. The exterior shutter products can withstand all the bad weather that may hit them and pass the test of time without losing their awesome appearance.

  • Fitted flush

The flush is fitted against the wall to give a very sleek finish, a desirable feature in many homes.

  • Wide range of colours.

The colours from which you can choose from are very many, a step taken just to ensure that you will always find what will suite the façade of your property.

Roller Shutters Adelaide – Importance and Benefits.

  • security shutters adelaideQuality

The roller shutters provided by Impulse in Adelaide are designed and made from top quality materials. They have been created to meet all the needs of premises with high risks including industrial warehouses and retail shops, as well as your home.

  • Light control

They will also provide the best light control among the many other features. The light can be easily adjusted to the desired levels, avoiding all the harmful effects that may result from sunlight like fading the carpet and furniture. They also work perfectly for the entertainment theatres for those homes that have one.

  • Security

You get to enjoy maximum security from burglars. Once closed, it is impossible to open them from the outside, providing the much needed protection for your loved ones in the home. Bushfire protection

In case of the occurrence of any bushfire near your house, the shutters will protect against the radiant heat coming from the bushfire, minimising all the risks and exposure to anyone inside. Fire shutters are also available just to improve on the protection factor.

Some of the automatic roller shutters benefits include:

  • Automation

When the shutters are fitted with an electric motor, they become easier and more comfortable to use. With just the touch of a button, you can close or open the window or door shutters, all while standing at a distance. When set, they can close or open automatically at specified times or depending on the temperature levels.

  • Discreet and quiet

The electric motor is usually fixed on the shutter head box, completely out of sight. The motors installed by us don’t produce loud noise as is the case with others.

  • Flexibility of control

There are various options to choose from when it comes to the control types. They include master control, group control, multiple control individual control and auto control. You can also choose between wireless and wire controls.

Along with roller shutters in Adelaide, we also provide solar hot water systems, guttering, roofing and solar panels for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

Plantation Shutters Adelaide


plantation shutters adelaide


We also offer white pvc or wooden plantation shutters in Adelaide, SA. All designs, types and sizes are available for you to secure and beautify your home.


  • Gives your home a modern look
  • They also filter the amount of light getting inside the house or the room in which the plantation shutters are installed
  • Easy to clean
  • We offer variety of colors to blend with your home’s theme
  • Come in different blade size




Your plantation shutters are an investment that should work to give your home more value. How then can you trust your investment with an inexperienced company? As Impulse Home Improvements, we have vast experience in doing this kind of work. With experience comes perfection. Confidently, we can say that our shutters are installed perfectly to boost your home’s appearance and consequently its value. We can easily extend our experience to your home if you choose to work with us.


As a company, we have always been working with trained installers. We believe in competency amongst our employees and that’s why we only employ trained installers. Even with their prior training, we still offer advanced training as per our company’s standards. Therefore, you can be sure that the installers who will visit your home are well trained and qualified to do the work. Take advantage of the best team in Australia to get your plantation shutters installed successfully.

These are just some of the reasons that should make you choose to work with us for your next project.

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