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Roller shutters are currently among the most common features of every home in Canberra. With all the benefits that the shutters offer, it is quite obvious as to why they are that popular. You can get them in whichever color, design and style that you desire. They are made from various materials to cater for various needs and withstand conditions of the different environments. Some common types of shutters include fire shutters, wooden shutters, timber shutters and outdoor or exterior shutters.

If you are thinking of installing roller shutters in your home or place of business in Canberra, Impulse has you covered. We offer designer roller shutters canberra that are strong and of very high quality. Our shutters provide good security while improving the aesthetic appeal of your home. They come at very affordable prices, with the price variations based on the type of roller shutter you choose. The deal gets even better with the generous discounts that we offer, allowing you to spend as little as possible on the best shutters. In addition to providing the shutters for both doors and windows, we offer installation services. You can be assured of great results, if the job is handled by Impulse. We don’t want you to keep spending money on repairs due to faulty installation.

Roller Shutters Canberra – Benefits and Importance

  • Security

It is very vital to have good security in every home. Security ensures that you have peace of mind, knowing that all your belongings and loved ones are safe. High quality security roller shutters from Impulse can go a long way in enhancing your security, both at home and place of business. They are made from strong materials and designed in such a way that they cannot be opened from the outside once they are properly closed. A would-be burglar would find it very difficult to gain access into the house, and be discouraged from doing so.

  • Energy saving

Cutting power consumption to reduce the cost of electricity is one of the main concerns of residents in Canberra. This is due to the high cost of power and huge bills contributed to mainly by air conditioners and heaters. Roller shutters are good insulators of heat, such that they can prevent heat from escaping the house during cold seasons. This in effect maintains the house at a warm temperature for longer, reducing the amount of power being used for warming. The inverse is also true, where heat during the hot days is kept outside, maintain the cool air inside for longer. With more energy saving, you get to pay less power bills and save lots of cash.

  • Privacy

If you value your privacy in your own home, then the best way to ensure that you have it is to install roller shutters. There is nothing as irritating as when those pesky neighbors keep staring through your windows just to find out what is going inside. You can block them out by simply getting us to install roller shutters on your windows. This also comes in handy for those who have businesses that require a lot of privacy. Protect your secrets using our roller shutters.

  • Weather/sun protection

Roller shutters can help protect against bad weather. Harsh weather such as a hail storm can cause a lot of damage to your doors and windows, ending up in costly repairs. Hard quality material of the shutters can withstand such weather and protect your property from damage.

Sun rays shining through your windows can be very uncomfortable. When left for long duration, it can cause fading of furniture and carpets. Roller shutters can block the sun and prevent all the harmful effects that come with it.

  • Noise reduction

If you live in a noisy environment such as near an airport or busy highway, you definitely need a solution to deal with all the noise. An easy one would be to install roller shutters from Impulse. They can block out a good percentage of the noise to give you the peace and quiet that you deserve in your home. This can also apply for business places where a lot of noise is produced. You can block the noise from getting outside and prevent all the complaints from the neighbors by installing roller shutters.

  • Light control

You can block 100% of the light entering a room using roller shutters. This can be applied to movie rooms, photo processing rooms or any other place that may require darkness. Those who work on night shift can also enjoy some good sleep during the day without interference from the harsh light of the sun.

  • Aesthetics

In addition to all the benefits that roller shutters offer, they improve the general appearance of a home. If you want your property to have that sleek classy look, then you simply need to contact us.

Plantation Shutters Canberra


plantation shutters canberra


We also offer white pvc or wooden plantation shutters in Canberra, ACT. All designs, types and sizes are available for you to secure and beautify your home.


  • Gives your home a modern look
  • They also filter the amount of light getting inside the house or the room in which the plantation shutters are installed
  • Easy to clean
  • We offer variety of colors to blend with your home’s theme
  • Come in different blade size




Your plantation shutters are an investment that should work to give your home more value. How then can you trust your investment with an inexperienced company? As Impulse Home Improvements, we have vast experience in doing this kind of work. With experience comes perfection. Confidently, we can say that our shutters are installed perfectly to boost your home’s appearance and consequently its value. We can easily extend our experience to your home if you choose to work with us.


As a company, we have always been working with trained installers. We believe in competency amongst our employees and that’s why we only employ trained installers. Even with their prior training, we still offer advanced training as per our company’s standards. Therefore, you can be sure that the installers who will visit your home are well trained and qualified to do the work. Take advantage of the best team in Australia to get your plantation shutters installed successfully.

These are just some of the reasons that should make you choose to work with us for your next project.

Along with roller shutters in Canberra, we also provide solar hot water systems, guttering, roof restoration and solar panels for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

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