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Roller Shutters Melbourne – Indoor, Outdoor, Window or Security.

A roller shutter, also referred to as sectional overhead door, is a type of window or door shutter which consists of a number of horizontal slats that are hinged together. The door is opened by raising it and closed by lowering it. This action is at times motorized, especially when the door is large.

If you are looking for cost effective, safe and secure roller shutters melbourne, for your protection or for your good looking house, Impulse provides the best designer and strongest roller shutters. We have a wide range of types and operation of the shutters for their customers to choose from. We have a huge range of shutters such as roller shutters, garage shutters, timber shutters, wooden shutters etc in various colors. In Melbourne, if you wish to have external roller shutters suited for all outdoor weather conditions or any other type of shutter installation for that matter, Impulse will get it covered.

Roller Shutters Types:

  • Built-on roller shutters

For this type, the roller shutter box is permanently fixed to the building’s exterior facade.

  • Built-in roller shutters

For this type of shutters, the shutter box is usually built in to the lintel, just above the window.

  • Integrated roller shutter

This term is used to describe a window/door and a roller shutter combine to form a single unit.

  • Manual

A roller shutter that has a gear drive which is connected from the shutter roller and runs through to the facade of the building to a universal joint on one side of the room. It is operated using a cranked handle for winding.

  • Manual tape

This is almost similar to the manual type, but instead of gears, a pulley system is used.

  • Electric roller shutters

They have a tubular motor which is fitted within the roller for opening and closing of the shutter. Automatic operation can be added as well.

  • Fire shutter

A fire shutter can either be electric roller shutter or manual roller shutter, using a weight bar and Woods Metal to close the shutter. It can be linked to a fire alarm system which will close it automatically in the event of activation of the fire alarm.


Benefits of having roller shutters:

In Melbourne, people install roller shutters for various reasons. Among the most common reasons are;

  • Security

Shutters installed on doors and windows in Melbourne help to enhance security of the home in that, the windows and doors cannot be opened or smashed by intruders. As long as the shutter is properly locked, lifting it will be impossible making for the intruder extremely difficult. Having a dog or an alarm system might not be enough to guarantee security in Melbourne, Victoria. Install roller shutters to enhance it and feel safer in your own home. Home security is essential.

  • Insulation

A lot of heat transfer happens through the windows. This is a fact that many Melbourne residents are unaware of or simply choose to ignore it. Roller shutters can do a great job in reducing the amount of heat being transferred through the windows by providing some additional insulation. Depending on the type of shutter, the transfer can be reduced by as much as 90%.  This will reduce the burden of your air conditioners, leading to a reduction of your monthly bills.

  • Light control

Roller shutters can be used to reduce the amount of light that enters your home in whichever situation. Depending on the fittings used, a roller shutter can block out up to 100 % of the light entering the house, when fully closed. This might come in handy especially to shift workers, allowing them to sleep peacefully even during the day. You can also cover your home theater room windows to get a real dark cinema experience.

  • Noise control

Roller shutters can be used as noise insulators, reducing the amount of noise entering your house by up to 60%. Your peace doesn’t have to be interrupted by all that noise coming from the neighbors cutting their grass or throwing a party. For those parents with small babies, getting Impulse to install roller shutters in your home will be the solution to all those sleepless nights when your baby won’t sleep due to the loud noises from outside.

  • Privacy and ventilation

When the windows are open, the perforation holes found in the slats will allow constant air ventilation. This might work quite well with those evaporative air conditioners that good vents for the best cooling effects. You also need to ensure that your privacy is not interfered with in your own house. Having the shutters installed will keep out all those prying eyes blocked from your house.

  • Asset improvement

Being a very popular product on the home improvement market, roller shutters will definitely add value to your home and makes it more desirable to buy for the cases where one is interested in selling.

With all these benefits that come with roller shutters, it would be unreasonable not to have them installed in your own home. For those who wish to purchase and install roller shutters, or those that have the roller shutters already installed but they require repairs and maintenance, Impulse is guaranteed to do a great job for you. Their prices for shutters in Melbourne are relatively cheap and usually come with discount offers, making them quite affordable.

Plantation Shutters Melbourne


plantation shutters melbourne


We also offer white pvc or wooden plantation shutters in Melbourne, VIC. All designs, types and sizes are available for you to secure and beautify your home.


  • Gives your home a modern look
  • They also filter the amount of light getting inside the house or the room in which the plantation shutters are installed
  • Easy to clean
  • We offer variety of colors to blend with your home’s theme
  • Come in different blade size




Your plantation shutters are an investment that should work to give your home more value. How then can you trust your investment with an inexperienced company? As Impulse Home Improvements, we have vast experience in doing this kind of work. With experience comes perfection. Confidently, we can say that our shutters are installed perfectly to boost your home’s appearance and consequently its value. We can easily extend our experience to your home if you choose to work with us.


As a company, we have always been working with trained installers. We believe in competency amongst our employees and that’s why we only employ trained installers. Even with their prior training, we still offer advanced training as per our company’s standards. Therefore, you can be sure that the installers who will visit your home are well trained and qualified to do the work. Take advantage of the best team in Australia to get your plantation shutters installed successfully.

These are just some of the reasons that should make you choose to work with us for your next project.

Along with low cost roller shutters in Melbourne, we also provide affordable solar hot water systems, guttering, roof restoration and solar panels for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

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