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Roller shutters are usually installed in door and window openings to protect a home or property against intrusions and break-ins, rain, wind, noise, sun, etc. Their popularity is steadily rising in Sydney, with more and more property owners choosing to install them.

Impulse offers cost effective, safe and secure roller shutters for the protection and enhanced appearance of your house. The designer and strong roller shutters are available in a wide range of profiles, with differences in type, color and functionality among others. Examples include fire shutters, wooden shutters, timber shutters, internal and external shutters. The products that we offer are only of high quality and top standards. We also offer installation services to all our customers. Getting roller shutters installed by Impulse is more advantageous because of the cheap rates offered, including discounts for the shutters, making them quite affordable for everyone. We believe in getting it right the very first time so as to ensure that you spend as little money as possible in its maintenance and repairs.

Roller Shutters Sydney – Advantages

  • Break-in protection

Security is one of the most important features of a home in Sydney. Shutters provide good security to your home or business against burglars and intruders. Rollers shutters are usually fitted very close to the window or door in such a way that it becomes hard to open it from the outside once it is well locked. In addition to being a great physical deterrent, they also work as visual deterrents. An intruder is more likely to turn away and go try elsewhere just by seeing the roller shutters installed in your home. In general, getting reliable roller shutters installed in your home by us will protect your premises and family against vandalism and burglary threats. Don’t wait for the threats to actualize. Contact us now and make your home a safe place.

  • Weather protection

A lot of money is spent on electricity bills, thanks to air conditioning. This is more so during the summer and winter seasons. The heat outside during summer season is transferred into the house through the doors and windows which are considerably poor insulators. The opposite is true during the winter where all the warmth in the house is lost through the house openings, costing a lot more to warm the house. Impulse roller shutters are the perfect solution to this problem. They can prevent up to 85% of heat from being transferred into the house during the hot days and up to 70% of heat from escaping the house during the cold winter days. The high percentages of heat insulation are due to the high quality roller shutters that we provide, made from excellent materials only.

Bad weather, such as during a hail storm, may cause major damages to your windows or doors. With shutters installed, you simply close them to protect the glass on your windows and doors from tree branches and other elements that might break them. We install roller shutters with outstanding workmanship such that you can be sure that they won’t rattle when high winds blow. They are designed to withstand even the estimated strongest winds that can blow in Sydney.

  • Noise reduction

Roller shutters can give you control over the sunlight amount that enters a room. You can lower the shutters all the way to completely darken the room or range the amount all the way to when you open them wide to allow sunlight to flood in. The choice is completely yours.

  • Air control

Roller shutters can also allow you to regulate air flow in your home. Opening the shutters will allow fresh air to stream in through the doors or windows.

  • Privacy

If you really value your privacy in your own home, then installing roller shutters should be your number one move to achieving this. It is very difficult for anyone outside to have a peek inside with the shutters installed, meaning that you can go about your business in peace and without worries of your privacy being intruded.

  • Noise reduction

You can reduce the stress caused by noise by easily having shutters installed to your home. Shutters have an insulating property against noise, a property that can come in very handy especially for people living near busy main roads or the airport, or those that have very noisy neighbors.

  • Convenience

This works more so for electric and automated roller shutters. You can very easily open and close them, some without even having to go close to the window or door. You can use remote controllers to operate them from any position of the room, giving you all the convenience you may need.

  • Property value

Installing roller shutters in Sydney definitely counts as an addition to value of your property. Many residents realize the importance of shutters and will therefore be willing to part with more money if you were to rent or sell the property.


Plantation Shutters Sydney


plantation shutters sydney


We also offer white pvc or wooden plantation shutters in Sydney, NSW. All designs, types and sizes are available for you to secure and beautify your home.


  • Gives your home a modern look
  • They also filter the amount of light getting inside the house or the room in which the plantation shutters are installed
  • Easy to clean
  • We offer variety of colors to blend with your home’s theme
  • Come in different blade size




Your plantation shutters are an investment that should work to give your home more value. How then can you trust your investment with an inexperienced company? As Impulse Home Improvements, we have vast experience in doing this kind of work. With experience comes perfection. Confidently, we can say that our shutters are installed perfectly to boost your home’s appearance and consequently its value. We can easily extend our experience to your home if you choose to work with us.


As a company, we have always been working with trained installers. We believe in competency amongst our employees and that’s why we only employ trained installers. Even with their prior training, we still offer advanced training as per our company’s standards. Therefore, you can be sure that the installers who will visit your home are well trained and qualified to do the work. Take advantage of the best team in Australia to get your plantation shutters installed successfully.

These are just some of the reasons that should make you choose to work with us for your next project.

Along with internal and external roller shutters in Sydney, NSW we also provide solar hot water systems, guttering, roofing and solar panels for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

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