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Water heating is one of the top consumers of power in an average Australian home. It can contribute up to 80% of your monthly electricity bill. It is due to this factor that many residents of Canberra are now looking for alternative ways to get hot water in their homes without having to use gas or electricity. The most efficient and practical alternative that has gained popularity over the recent years is solar hot water systems. A solar system for heating water utilizes the heat energy from the sun to directly heat water.

Impulse provides the best new solar hot water systems in Canberra. Our systems are of the highest quality and meet all the set standards of Australia to guarantee you top performance. They come at very affordable prices, ensuring that even those with constraints on their budget can afford to install the system. In addition to providing new solar water heating systems, we also offer installation services and repair existing ones. We have a team of experts specialized in hot water systems that can handle any type of problems encountered, with the best possible solutions. The many years of experience that we have, gives us an edge over all our competitors. We have seen and handled all sorts of problems related to solar hot water systems and build a good reputation.

Solar Hot Water System Canberra – Why Impulse Is Best?

  • Guaranteed quality

Our products are genuine and only of high quality. This guarantees you great performance for periods of time longer than from similar products of other companies. You are less likely to run into any problems after installing our solar hot water systems, making maintenance costs to be very little.

  • Competitive prices

If you are looking for the best deal in Canberra, then we are your best option. Our prices are very affordable and inviting.

  • Expertise and professionalism

For excellent installation services, as well as repairs and maintenance, Impulse should be your number one choice. We strive to get the job done perfectly the very first time, for all the projects that we undertake.

Some of the reasons as to why you should consider installing a solar hot water system include;

  • Financial savings

Solar hot water systems can save you a lot of cash in the long run, which would otherwise be spent on paying the hefty power bills. With solar energy, the only cost that you will incur is that of the initial installation. After that, you get to enjoy free energy for the remainder of the lifetime of the system. The solar systems that we provide are very cost effective to ensure that you will recoup your initial investment within a very short period of time. They are also very durable such that you will reap all its financial benefits for a very long time.

  • Renewable source

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. There is no risk of ever exhausting it, unlike fossil fuels. You can always heat water through a solar hot water system for as long as the sun will exist. For those who think long term, going solar would be a wise decision.

  • Clean environment

Solar energy is a clean form of energy. There is absolutely no greenhouse gas emitted during the process of heating water. The heat from the sun is directly used to heat water or a heat transfer fluid. Using clean energy moves us a step closer towards a green world, a better place for the future generation.

  • Reliability

The climatic condition of Canberra makes the use of solar energy quite reliable. The long periods of sunshine experienced for most of the days in a year makes solar hot water heaters a good alternative for electric or gas heaters. In addition, modern technology has made this simple process of heating water to be quite efficient and effective, such that even when the solar radiation levels are not so high, such as on gloomy days, you can still heat water to a reasonable temperature.

  • Location

Solar hot water systems can be installed virtually anywhere, as long as sunshine can reach the panels. This makes it a very good option for places where there is limited or no electrical power and hot water is required. You won’t have to stress about the geographical position that your property is situated. As long as there is sunshine there, you can enjoy hot water without worrying about the heating charges.

  • Minimal maintenance

Solar hot water systems usually require very minimal maintenance. This is due to the lack of any mechanically moving parts that usually have the wear and tear effects which necessitates frequent maintenance and repairs.

  • Increase property value

A solar hot water system in a home can be considered as an asset. This is because its value is usually included in the total sum of the property’s worth. If you plan to sell your property, you can raise its value and increase demand by simply installing a solar hot water system.

Along with solar hot water system in Canberra, we also provide solar panels, guttering, roof restoration and roller shutters for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

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