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A recent research shows that most home owners spend up to a quarter of their total energy in heating water. This research is a true reflection of the prevailing situation in Perth. Residents here have been using quite a considerable amount of energy in heating water not knowing that they can save a lot of energy by using solar hot water systems. Impulse now has a permanent base in the city. We are here to offer the best solar hot water system solutions.

How does Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

There are usually are solar collectors and insulated tanks that work in harmony to provide an efficient system. What happens is that the solar collectors are used to absorb energy from the sun. The solar collectors can either be flat panels or evacuated tubes. A client is usually left to decide on the type of solar collectors. These collectors heat the water which is then stored in the insulated tanks for you convenient use. The solar collectors are placed on the roof facing north for maximum collection of solar energy to heat the water.

On the days when there is no sunlight to heat the water, home owners may be forced to use boosters. These boosters only come in when the temperature in the tanks are below the thermostat level. You can either opt for gas or electrical boosters though we highly recommend gas due to its environment friendliness nature.


Solar Hot Water System Perth – Benefits and Importance

Perth residents are highly encouraged to use solar hot water systems to get the following benefits;

  • Save on Electricity Cost

The ever escalating electricity cost will not affect those using the solar hot water system. The cost of the estimated ¼ of energy used to heat water would have been saved if you opt for a solar hot water system.

  • Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emitted

By using Solar Hot Water System in Perth, you will reduce by a significant amount the amount of greenhouse gas emission. This is a natural system that does not have a negative effective in the environment.

  • Quick and Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI)

In a span of 5-10 years, you will start enjoying the benefits accrued from making such an installation. Here we are talking of financial benefits. Therefore, after the stated span for your ROI, you will now enjoy free hot water.

  • Cheaper in the Long Run

Though the initial installation price might seem to be a bit high, a user of solar hot water system will enjoy the cumulated benefits in the long run. Years after you have returned your investment through saving on electricity cost is when you will realize that it is indeed cheaper.

  • Low Maintenance Cost

You also get to enjoy the low maintenance cost when using hot water system in Perth. The system does not require regular maintenance and thus you will spend less in maintaining the system.

  • Renewable Source of Energy

Since it gets its energy from sunlight, we can qualify it to be a renewable source of energy that Perth residents do not have to replenish every time for it is available in abundance.

These benefits will only make sense when you have sought our services. We understand the varying needs of our clients and therefore provide customized services that will leave you impressed. These benefits are just general that one will get from using the solar hot water system. There are unique benefits that can only be enjoyed by our clients.


Solar Hot Water Systems – Benefits

  • Affordability

We know that the cost of solar hot water systems has been highly exaggerated. We are here to bring quality and affordable solar hot water system to Perth residents. We believe that every residence should have a solar hot water system and thus provide for affordable costs.

  • Different Packages

In order for every resident to enjoy the hot water system, we have different packages to accommodate for all. The packages are of varying prices depending on the size of solar panels and storage tanks.

This is a personalized service that we offer.

  • Exemplary Installation Services

We have a professional team of solar hot water system installers in Perth that will work to offer exemplary installation services. You do not have to worry about getting the best services from us. Just to add on it, we offer a workmanship guarantee which will enable you to seek for re-modification in case you feel our technicians did not do a fine job. In rare circumstance will you need this since our team has a 100% positive and proven track record.

  • Attractive Warranty

We have one of the longest warranties that a home improvement company can offer. This warranty is just to reassure our clients of the belief we have in our high quality services.

We have dozens of offers and discounts from time to time that you can take advantage of. Call us on our hotline number 13 33 40 to get more details on our range of services. We will give offer a free quotation on inquiry.

Along with solar hot water systems in perth, we also provide solar panels, guttering, roofing and roller shutters for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

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