Solar Hot Water Systems Brisbane QLD.

solar hot water systems brisbane

The highest power consumption in a home is usually by hot water systems. They ensure that the figures on your electricity bills always stay as high as possible. Well, now there is a way to fix that problem, without compromising any of the benefits that you enjoy from hot water in your home or business. The solution is solar hot water systems. They do a pretty good job in terms of heating water, especially when the sun is out shining bright. They simply use the heat energy from the radiation of the sun to heat water. With the current technological advancements, even on those gloomy days when the sun is not so bright, you can still get your water hot. What about at night when there is no sunshine at all? Well, the solution to that problem lies in the insulated tank that stores hot water. The water that is heated during the day when there is plenty of sunshine is stored in this tank, where it retains its high temperatures for very long periods of time, and can be used during the nights. This will go a long way in reducing your power bills at the end of every month

At Impulse, we provide new solar hot water systems that are of top quality and made using recent technology. We also do installation services as well as repairs on any previously existing systems in Brisbane. Our solar hot water systems come at very affordable and attractive prices that makes them very cost effective when you compare with the performance that they offer.

Basic components of a solar hot water system

  1. Collector

The main purpose of the collectors is to transfer heat from the sun to the water. They are usually mounted on roof tops, but can be installed anywhere else where they will be exposed to maximum sunlight. There are two main types of collectors; evacuated tube collectors and flat plate collectors.

The flat plate collectors usually consist of tubes made of copper that are fitted to absorber plates. The assembly of flat plates is contained within a box that is insulated and covered with glass.

Evacuated tube collectors on the other hand, work using a similar principle to that of the thermos. A metal or glass tube that contains heat transfer fluid or water is surrounded by another glass tube which is larger in size. The space between the two tubes is a vacuum which ensures that the heat lost from the fluid is very little. Evacuated tube collectors are the most efficient and can work fairly well even in overcast conditions.

  1. Storage tank

This is where water is stored after gaining the required temperature. It is also referred to as hot water cylinder at times.

  1. Control system

Also referred to as the circulation system, they are used to circulate water or heat transfer fluid from the collectors to the storage tank. Thermo-siphoning may be employed or pumps used. Valves are also included in the control system.

Solar Hot Water Systems Brisbane – Benefits

  • Economical

Installing a solar hot water system in your home or business can be very economical in the long run. The profits are realized in the amount of money that you would be spending on electricity or gas as opposed to not paying for solar energy.

Solar hot water systems from Impulse are very cost effective, coming at very affordable price and very high performances. They are also very durable ensuring that you will recoup your investments within the shortest time possible and be left enjoying the free energy from the sun.

  • Lower carbon footprint

Solar energy is a clean source of energy. There is absolutely no emission of greenhouse gas during the entire process of heating water, moving a step closer towards a greener world.

  • Minimal maintenance

Solar hot water systems require very little maintenance, at long intervals just to ensure that they are working at an optimum level. The systems does not have any mechanically moving parts, making its wear and tear an extremely slow process and increasing durability. This fact also bears with it the advantage that no noise is produced during the heating process. You will not have to bear with all the inconveniences and discomforts that noise brings about.

  • Energy

The amount of heat energy that can be harnessed by a solar hot water system is surprisingly high. The amount depends on the size of the installed system as well as the technology employed. You can get a lot of hot water, enough to suffice the needs of your home from the system alone, especially on days when the sun is shining bright. A backup system is however, usually installed for days when there is no enough sunshine or when higher temperatures are required.

Along with solar hot water in brisbane, we also provide solar panels, guttering, roofing and roller shutters for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

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