Solar Hot Water Systems Melbourne, Victoria.

Solar Hot Water Systems Melbourne

Solar Hot Water Systems Melbourne, Victoria

Heating water is the second biggest single source of emission of greenhouse gas, after the car, in the average households in Australia. In order to curb this negative impact, the government is encouraging all households to switch to the use of solar hot water systems. It has even gone ahead to provide very generous subsidies and rebates on the solar systems.

Solar hot water systems Melbourne comes with the advantage to the consumer of saving money. You can cut up to 80% of the cost of heating water by simply using the free energy from the sun. This is of course, only if you use the best heat pumps and products of solar hot water, as those provided by Impulse.

Impulse provides the best new solar hot water system or repairs your existing system. You can buy the cost effective solar hot water systems in Melbourne at very affordable prices from us, as well as get our professionals to do the installation work for you.

Types of collectors for solar hot water systems

Solar hot water systems have collectors which can be of 3 types; the flat plate collectors, the integral collector-storage systems (ICS) and the evacuated tubes.

The flat plate collectors are more suitable for tank roof mounting and work on pipes made of copper running through the collector covered by glass, which is usually connected to the storage tank. The sun heats the water in the copper pipes which is then thermo-siphoned from the storage tank.

The ICS, also known as batch systems, feature an extra black tank or tube in a box that is insulated and gazed. Cold water is first passed through the solar collector where it is preheated. The water then flows to the conventional backup heater to provide a source of hot water that is reliable.

The evacuated tube solar collectors have 2 glass tubes which are fused both at the top and bottom, enclosing a vacuum I between them. A pipe made of copper runs through the tube’s centre to meet a common manifold which is connected to a circulation pump. This pump pumps the water to a storage tank which is heavily insulated so that the hot water can be used at a later time, including during the night.

The evacuated tube systems are far more superior due to the fact that they can extract heat directly from the air on a day that is humid. It does not require direct sunlight for it to work. The vacuum also makes its efficiency a bit higher than that of the flat plate solar collectors. In addition, their durability is higher which makes the price of the solar hot water system to be of good value

Government rebates:

In an attempt to promote the use of hot water solar systems, the government offers energy-efficiency incentive schemes. They give the incentive in an upfront way through small-scale technology certificates. Solar systems do qualify for the certificates depending on the system’s efficiency and location of residence. An easy way of using the small-scale technology certificates is to sell them to a company supplying your new hot water system. They will offer a discount on the prices as a way of paying you. These rebates are subject to change anytime without notice.


The installation of a solar hot water system is a bit more complex than for that of a conventional gas or electric system. The solar hot water panels require a good section of the roof where they will have the maximum access to sunlight. Installing the panels facing north is becoming a convention in Victoria as it ensures maximum exposure to the sun.

Some of the main benefits of using solar hot water systems are;

  • Financial benefits.

Installing solar water heating systems in Melbourne comes with not only reduced monthly power bills, but increase in the value of your property as well.

  • Less dependence on fossil fuels

Using the solar water heating systems greatly reduces the reliance on fossil fuels, which are exhaustible. Solar is also a clean source of energy in that it does not cause any harm to the environment.

  • Good payback period.

The estimated payback period after investing in a solar heating system is about 5 to 10 years. Given that the system will serve you for a longer duration of time, it makes it a wise investment.

  • Low maintenance costs

The cost of maintaining solar heating system is relatively low. This is due to the fact that there are no mechanical movements of any part making it less prone to damages and thus, maintenance checks can be done less frequently as compared to other systems.

  • Unlimited free energy

In good weather conditions, there is no limit as to what amount of energy you can harvest from the sun. Some modern systems work quite efficiently even during the winter season to effectively heat water.

Along with solar hot water system in Melbourne, we also provide solar panels, guttering, roof restoration and roller shutters for you to get multiple benefits for buying multiple products from Impulse.

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