Solar Hot Water Systems At Affordable Prices

solar hot water systems

Did you know that Australians spend up to a quarter of their total energy in heating water? This is not fiction but rather a fact that is real in Australia. So, why spend so much energy in heating water while you can easily heat your water using solar? Many australian residents are starting to use this viable solar option to heat their water. Solar hot water systems allows home owners to heat their water using the natural energy, which is the sun. All the residents need to install a solar hot water system to take advantage of the free solar energy.

To get this system in your home, you need a trusted company to stand by your side. That is exactly why we have always been there to provide this service. Our entry into the Australian market over 20 years ago was majorly influenced by the desire to help residents get affordable solar hot water system and avoid exploitation as it had been before. Many australian residents have already benefited from our unique services.

Solar Hot Water Systems

We are a leading company in selling solar hot water systems in Australia. For over the years, we have been selling high quality solar hot water systems all over Australia. One thing that has been outstanding in all our sales made is the high rate of satisfaction. Not even a single customer has ever complained about the products we sell. Buying a solar hot water system from us will guarantee you the following benefits:

  • High Quality

We guarantee all our clients high quality products that are long lasting. What we sell to our clients have all passed the quality checks tests to guarantee the best quality.

  • Product Warranty

All our products have attractive warranties that give clients peace of mind. Though there have not been any warranty claims, we still believe in attaching warranties to all our products.

  • Affordable

We offer affordable solar hot water systems to Australian residents. Our company sells these products at the best market rates. In comparison to the high quality products offered, we can confidently say that our products are the cheapest. Of course there are cheaper products than ours but of inferior quality thus unmatchable to ours.

With these plus many other benefits, you only have us as your reliable partner in getting high quality solar hot water system.

Solar Hot Water Systems Repair

If you have a solar hot water system that is not functioning well, you can seek our repair services to get your system back in action. We have a team of dedicated staff that has vast experience in repairing solar hot water system. Apart from the experienced team, there are many other benefits you will get for using our repair services. Benefits of using our Solar Hot Water Repair Services are as follows:

  • Workmanship Guarantee

Our experienced team will offer the best repair services once you call us. But even so, we give our clients a workmanship guarantee on any work done by our team of professionals.

  • After Sale Service

We also offer after sale services to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our services.

  • Original Spares

We only use original spare parts to repair solar hot water systems. Therefore, you can be sure of high quality system once we done with the repair.

It is therefore very clear that we are the best company in offering solar hot water system services in Australia. A simple call to our hotline number will be the first step to getting a new solar hot water system or a repair of your existing system.

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