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The Impulse range of Solar Power Systems have been designed to suit every Australian family and business. Impulse use only the very best available Monocrystalline photovoltaic cells, manufactured using advanced and proven technologies. By only using the World Leading technology we ensure every single customer gets the best possible result from all of our System options.

Our Solar Panels are designed to last. Monocrystalline panels are known globally as the best performers in terms of actual power generation and lifespan. An “A Grade” Monocrystalline panel will outperform and outlast any other type of solar panel in the world today.

Every home and business is different and the Impulse team are particularly well suited to installing solar in locations and that other companies aren’t able to. We do this through a highly consultative process and the ability to think “Outside the Box”. We always will ensure you get the absolute maximum power return from your Solar System by utilizing Satellite mapping technology.

We have extensive experience installing every size of system you could need all the way from 1.5KW systems right through to 50KW commercial systems.

All Impulse systems incorporate high-capacity inverters, and can be custom designed to generate the highest levels of output. Impulse specialises in modular systems which can(where possible) allow customers to upgrade their system later if they wish. This is a fantastic option for those wishing to invest in solar in stages.

Impulse QLD has been operating since 1989 and has a track record of fantastic service and only the best quality products to our customers. Impulse has installed over 20,000 solar panels in SE QLD so we know our environment, we know our climate and we know what it takes to have some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in this industry.

25 Year Warranty

Impulse only use “A Grade Monocrystalline” Solar panels. These have been very carefully selected by our company to deliver not only the best quality but value to customers for many years. Solar is not a short term investment, it truly is a long term asset for your home or business. Our  Solar Panels come with a 25 year Industry leading performance warranty.

All Impulse solar panels come with a 25 year warranty, meet strict international guidelines, are IEC61215 and IEC61730 accredited and our solar installers are CEC (Clean Energy Council) licensed!

Australia’s Best
Solar Products

ET Solar Panels

250 Watt Monocrystalline Solar panels.
ET Solar is a Teir 1 Solar manufacturer.
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Perlight Solar Panels

250 Watt Monocrystalline Solar panels.
Perlight Solar is a Teir 1 Solar manufacturer.
 Perlight Solar Website

Aurora Dual Tracking Invertors

Aurora Dual tracking inverters are designed to enable more options and panel configurations than any other.
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Xantrex Inverters

Xantrex Inverters are one of the most reliable and robust inverters in the world.
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Want to know more?

Our solar experts will clarify any questions you might have and assist in helping you save money and the looming problem of global warming.


Why Choose Us To Buy Solar Panels?

When making a lifetime investment such as installation of solar panels, you should only rely on a reputable company to offer the solution for you. There are many reasons why we are considered an industry leader in solar installation here in Australia. Some of the reasons include:

  • Quality Solar Panels

For the many years that we have been in service, quality has remained to be our set of standard with no compromise to our solar pv panels. We only deal with high quality solar pv systems that can guarantee our customers maximum power generation. Therefore, when you come to us, you not only choose a reputable company but also that which will offer high quality solar panels.

  • Neat Work

If you mind the quality of service when getting home service, then you have us as your best bet for engagement. We have an experienced team of staff that has engaged in different solar installation projects in Australia. Amongst the many recommendations they have been getting from our customers is their organization of service. We will not mess up your property but rather leave as neat as we found it. Our solar panel installers have the experience in any kind of solar work.

  • You’ll Meet a Flexible Team

By choosing us, you are assured of flexibility in terms of the service rendered. We offer solar systems for homes as well as commercials. Therefore, you can count on us to deliver any kind of work within your required time frame.


Exclusive Benefits of Buying Solar Panels from us

Apart from the general benefits that you get, we also provide exclusive benefits that you cannot get in any other company. Some of these benefits include:

  • 25 Year Warranty: just to ascertain that we deal with high quality pv solar systems, we offer a 25 Year product warranty to all our solar panels.
  • Finance Options: You do not have to pay the whole amount at once. We offer interest free financing option that helps home owners to get their solar panels and pay later at a convenient time.

Make the bold step today and invite our team of highly trained professionals to install solar panels in your residential or commercial property. Furthermore, our prices are quite fair and will leave you as a customer with no reason to complain of being overcharged.

Join other Australian home owners who have experienced exemplary services that we offer. Choose Impulse for an effective pv solar system.

Interest Free Finance Options Available

Looking to benefit from everything solar has to offer but don’t quite have enough cash on hand?
Impulse Home Improvements is able to get your house benefiting from great savings with our Interest Free finance offers.

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